Supacolour Promotional Transfers

For pressing on a wide range of fabrics used for promotional items (umbrellas, totes, coolers, lanyards, etc.).

If you are looking to be a leader in branding and expand the possibilities of what you can do with a heat press, then utilize Supacolour Promotional heat transfers to print on a wide range of fabrics made for promotional items.  Liberate yourself from just pressing t-shirts and start generating an additional revenue printing on bags, lanyards, umbrellas and more!
This versatile version of Supacolor is formulated with a low melt adhesive that boasts a powerful ability to bond to synthetic fabrics such as 600D polyester and ripstop Nylon. Complex technical fibers become branding opportunities that were not previously possible. While Supacolour Promotional transfers do not have stretch and should not be laundered, they can be heat pressed at temperatures as low 260 F to reducing the chances of bruising, burning and dye migration.  Explore heat pressing on cardboard and wood or combine a compressed air heat press with Supacolor Promotional transfers and tackle heat pressing large objects such as suitcases, tents and sunbrellas. Take advantage of our free samples to do your testing before taking on new challenging opportunities.
Imagine the endless possibilities with Supacolour Promotional heat transfers and all the things you can print on beyond apparel. Impress your customers and generate more sales with Supacolour!

Ready to unlock your creative potential?

Other Supacolour transfers:


For pressing on a wide range of fabrics used for promotional items (umbrellas, totes, coolers, lanyards, etc.).


For use on sublimated or patterned polyester fabrics where there is potential to migrate.

Softshell Blocker

For softshell fabrics with specific dye migration issues that require blocker.


The best transfers for caps and other forms of headwear. Bridge seams without cracking.

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